Dungeness Spit (Feb 17, 2008)

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dungeness_spit_coverConditions: Day Hike
Gear: nothing special
Area: Sequim

Dungeness Spit is one of those really special places. It's a mixture of a hike out a spit that has to be timed with a low tide (so one isn't trapped out on the far reaches of the spit when the tide comes back in), the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, a lighthouse, and of course the stunning views of Mt Baker.

A small group of us headed over to the peninsula spent the night at the campground. The CG is right on a bluff above the water. It's a really nice spot. Clean too.

Next day we were up and started hiking out the spit. Walking the whole way out there is easy but walking on shifting sand and pebbles for the whole distance is tiring and hard on the feet. The lighthouse is out there but for the longest time it just seems like it's never getting closer. Finally though it does start to loom, framed nicely by Mt Baker, and then we were on the lighthouse grounds.

We took a tour, had some lunch, then began the long way back out to the campground. It's roughly about a 4.5mi hike out to the lighthouse (about 9miles round trip) so it is a full day excursion. Worth it though.
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