Duffy Creek (May 17, 2008)

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duffy_creek_coverConditions: Day Hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Douglas
Area: Othello
Reference: Best Desert Hikes Washington
Stats: 4.2mi, 3333' gain (for the loop)

We knew it would be warm for this hike. But OMG...it was hot...really, really, REALLY HOT!!!

We parked the car along a "wide" spot on the road. Not hard when the road is just dirt... Then we followed another older road to the SE. It was hot...did I mention that? In this part of the state there are few trees. We were in the wide open. Sun glaring down. Ugh...I wanted to melt. We decided to head down...off the ridge top and down towards the creek hopefully finding some shade lower down.

We found an old (abandoned?) farm. An empty home, some very old farm implements...all old iron stuff rusting away...and a neat old shell of a very old car (think photo props) near the creek. It's hard to imagine that anyone thought they could make a living off the land here.

There was a bit of shade down low. Not much. But, when we did find it...we rested and lingered in the shade to cool off. Eventually we met back up with the road just before getting back to the car. Thank goodness for the modern convenience of A/C!
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