Skadulgwas Peak (Jul 25, 2007)

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skudulgwas_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: climbing helmets
Map: USGS Mt Higgins
Area: Darrington
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's Glacier Peak Region: The North Cascades
Stats: approx. 7.3mi, 3507 gain (round trip) has an interesting name. Skadulgwas is also know as Middle Higgins. The lookout Higgins being to the west, Skadulgwas being the middle, the "real" Higgins...the high point, being to the east. Roper told me the story behind the name. It's found here on

With a peak name like always interested me, especially when seen from Higgins LO. It looks impossible from this aspect. Seriously? That's a class 2/3 route up that face? No way...

Yana was interested so we took off to see if this peak really is that "easy". Getting there is the hard part. We headed up to Higgins LO, found the old LO remains, then dropped down the north side, through thick brush at times, heading over to Skadulgwas. It doesn't look like this peak gets climbed very often. We found no evidence of a climbers trail over there. So...schwacking away we went.

We got to the base of the peak and sure does lay back...but looked like a sold rock race broken up by cracks, knobs, small ledges. I was nervous...

We headed up. It's only about 450' of "climbing". I got up 150-200 feet or so but then chickened out. Yeah...I bailed. Oh well. It does go up and fairly easy. Yana went the entire way and said it was pretty much the Cl2/3 route we'd heard about. Oh well...the mountain isn't going anywhere. I can always go back another day to try again.
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