Little Devil Peak (Jun 2, 2007)

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little_devil_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: ice axe
Map: USGS Big Devil Peak
Area: North Cascades
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's North Cascades National Park Region
Stats: approx. 14mi, 7600 gain (round trip)

Posting some older photos of older TR...

This trip was a real gem. I'll long remember this trip.

I wasn't working...had the summer off. I was trolling for trip reports. RandyB suggested this one. I think I recall saying let me check. I wanted to be certain I could handle the trip before committing. I checked it out. Other than a really long day, there didn't seem to be anything unusual about it so I was in.

We got an early start hiking up the Lookout Mountain trail. Lots of trail, lots of switchbacks, lots of elevation gain. At least the trail made quick time of it. We reached the junction (about 2.75mi from the TH) and had gained over 2900'. Nice. We then headed right (east) following (for a short while) the trail that heads over to Monogram Lake. Instead of dropping to the lake we stayed high and went higher. Randy the step kicking machine, led the way kicking steps up and along the ridge. The views...incredible. We stopped for a short break to get something to eat and drink...take a couple of photos of the lake down below.

When we started again Randy was again in the lead...barely a spec in the distance at times but he'd stop and wait for me to catch up. Randy stayed in the lead making a beeline for Pt 6844. When I caught up we stopped to take a look. It was getting late, by mountain time, it was well into the afternoon (2pm-ish) and we were over 5mi from the TH. We look at where we needed to go and it was clear that we needed to drop down to the glacier/snowfield. The ridge was rocky, exposed, and too technical. Hmmm...what about the time? Randy asked what I wanted to do. Well I said, I'm not working right now so I don't neeeeeed to be home by any set time. Conditions were about perfect so we decided to continue. Randy headed down first, we weren't sure if it was too steep to glissade so we plunged stepped about 500' to the snowfield below. Making good time, we headed off to the saddle above us (meaning gain all that elevation we just lost back) to the west of Little Devil. Randy reached the top first, pointed me to the easiest route up and bingo...we had tagged Little Devil. Dang that peak is a long way in there! We stopped to eat and drink and take some photos but tried not to stay too long. We had a long trip out.

Randy headed down first, then made a nice long glissade track from the saddle back down to the snowfield. A perfect way to loose elevation fast (and it's faster than walking). We crossed the snowfield then followed out boot tracks back up the steep slope back up to Pt 6844. Then the loooooong traverse above Monogram Lake. Randy commented that some of the stone slabs look like they peeled off the top of the ridge and then glissaded nearly all the way down to the lake far below. We were able to get in a few more glissade runs heading back to the main trail which saved even more time (somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500' total for all glissades). Then it was the long trudge back down to the car waiting down below.

By far this was one of the most spectacular and rewarding days I've had in the mountains surely made better by the great company. Thanks Randy.
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