Ancient Lakes (Apr 14-15, 2007)

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ancient_lks_coverConditions: Backpack
Gear: overnight gear
Map: USGS Babcock Ridge
Area: Othello
Reference: Best Desert Hikes Washington
Stats: unknown

We headed out to Ancient Lakes for an overnight trip. It's a long drive from home on the west side so an overnight made the trip worthwhile.

This trip is out in the scablands of Washington. An area scoured clean by the ancient Bretz Floods. It's exposed basalt as far as the eye can see. There is little tree cover, and it's best to carry all the water you will need on this trip in yourself since most of the pools are contaminated with agricultural runoff (pesticides, etc).

It's a flat trip. Really the only "hill" we climbed was the ridge to the north of Dusty Lake.

It was early in the season so there was lots of early Spring color about. It was a perfect weekend to roam around and explore.
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