Snowgrass Mountain (Sep 23-24, 2006)

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snowgrass_mtn_coverConditions: Backpack
Gear: nothing special other than overnight gear
Map: USGS Chiwaukum Mtns,
Area: Leavenworth
Reference: Climbing Washington's Mountains (Smoot)
Stats: unknown

Day 1: Basically we headed up the Frosty Creek trail and camped at Mary's Lk.

Day 2: Left the lake and continued up the trail to the head of the drainage (heading due east of Lk Margaret). At the head of the drainage is a small stream from the uphill side. We headed up this to the "flats" (widely spaced contours shown on the map). We pretty much followed a due north heading shooting for the south ridge of Snowgrass. About 100' vertical from the summit and less than 1/2 mile the ridge gets pretty craggy. Earlier the previous day we bumped into MikeT and MattB at the TH and as we got to this spot of the ridge they were descending. Mike said "you ain't gonna like some of that and you might want to drop down". Apparently there is a tiny bit of C3-4 on the last bit of the ridge. Beth continued on to the summit following the ridge crest. I turned around and saw that another group was headed up. It was SuzanneR and 4 others, all of which had camped at Frosty Pass. Suzanne followed a more direct line to the summit while Lori, Anna (?), Jake and I headed down the ridge a bit til we could find a good spot to drop off the east side. We went down the screen a couple hundred feet, traversed to below the summit of Snowgrass and then headed up the Class 2 SE face. The weather was perfect. We had clear views of Daniel, Baker, Rainier, Glacier, Adams, Stuart, etc. We didn't dawdle too long before heading back down. We got back to Mary's Lk and were packed up and out of camp by 2:30pm. Unfortunately, we forgot how long a hike it was to get back to the car. We finally reach the car by 6:45pm.
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