Saska Basin (Sep 16-17, 2006)

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saska_basin_coverConditions: Backpack
Gear: snowshoes, overnight gear, ice axes
Map: USGS Saska Peak, USGS Pyramid Mtn
Area: Entiat
Stats: approx. 25mi, 5900' gain (round trip)

Day 1: We hiked up N Fk Entiat River trail. We continued all the way up to the head of the basin below Saska Pk and made camp about 6800'. After setting up camp we headed to Saska Pass (got great pics of the Tin Pan fire on the other side of the ridge) and then tried to scramble over to Gopher Mtn. Considering that we made the pass at about 6pm...time was getting really late. Steve and I bailed due to time at about 6:30pm roughly 1/2 mile and several hundred feet shy of the summit. Jim and Eileen continued but when they returned to camp later that evening via headlamp we learned they turned around (due to time) about 30 mins and 600' shy of the summit.

Day2 Hiked the same way out of the basin but at the first trail junction we continued straight following the ridge high up. The trail rounds a shoulder on the ridge and then continues on toward Grouse Pass. Failing on Gopher the previous day we considered a scramble of an interesting pile of rocks at Grouse Pass but that pile of rocks turned out to be a real interesting challenge. Jim got highest up but it appeared to be a C5 climb to get to the true top. After returning to our packs we continued to the next junction but took the S Pyramid Creek trail. Our original plans had the option of doing Pyramid but considering the amount of snow and slow progress we all decided to just head out. The trail follows Pyramid Creek and then meets up with the N Fk Entiat trail about 1.25 miles from the TH.

On the trip we hit snow at about 5200'. It quickly became consistent at 5400'. The deepest the snow got was about 6". The trails were pretty easy to follow since the blazes on the trail we easy to find, cut logs abounded, and the trail was not completely hidden under snow.
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