Coleman Pinnacle (May 14, 2006)

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coleman_pinnacle_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: ice axe, skis
Map: USGS Shuksan Arm
Area: Mt Baker
Stats: 11.6mi, 2617' gain (round trip)

This was JimB's idea for a ski tour. of my first and my most challenging one to day. I did "OK" until we headed back down from the summit into the big south facing slope. Yikes! No crashes but hard for a novice skier!

We left the parking area at the Mt Baker Lodge and skied up the road to Austin Pass and on to Artist Point. Then where the road "ends" we skied the summer trail route along the south flanks of Table Mtn.

We continued on nearly along the crest of Ptarmigan Ridge dropping down to the right (north side) at just over the 3mi mark. We stayed high, rounding Pt 5831and still nearly on the summer trail.

The summer trail rounds Coleman Pinnacle to a saddle at about 6120' to the west. We instead, cut this last bit of trail, and from just SW of the summit (about 5870') we skinned steeply uphill to a minor saddle just below and west of the summit where we dropped the skis and kicked stepped up the last 120' or so feet to the top.

Really great views!

I'd tried this trip several years prior with the Mounties but we turned back just below the summit due to weather. This time the reward was top notch. Stunning clear blue skies.
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