Big Snow Mountain (Aug 13, 2006)

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big_snow_mtn_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: ice axe, snow shoes
Map: USGS Big Snow Mtn
Area: Middle Fork Snoqualmie
Reference: Climbing Washington's Mountains (Smoot)
Stats: approx. 8mi, 3800' gain (round trip)

Posting some old photos of a trip up to Big Snow Mountain.

This was my second try at Big Snow, the first try from Myrtle Lake (Big Snow Lake/Snowflake Lake side) failed. This time we headed in via Hardscrabble Lake. Wow...this was a gorgeous approach. More scenic maybe than Big Snow Lake side (hard to say since I didn't make it any higher than Snowflake Lake the previous time). Lots and lots of open views, enormous fields of granite...some the sides of football fields.

Great company on this trip. Really stunning views. One long trip but a relatively easy scramble to the summit.
Big Snow Mountain Slideshow

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