Robinson Mountain (May 28-29, 2005)

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robinson_mtn_coverConditions: Backpack
Gear: overnight gear
Map: USGS Robinson Mountain
Area: North Cascades
Stats: unknown

Another non-summit trip for me but...that's OK. I love going on trips anyway and seeing what I can do. What's the's the journey and not the destination???

Our group headed up the Robinson Creek trail past Beauty Creek and then headed steeply...yes STEEPLY uphill. This had to be one of the steepest meadow climbs I've ever done!

We camped up high, in the basin south of the east ridge.

Morning came on day 2 and we packed light and headed up. I called it quits when the already thin snow transitioned to even thinner snow on loose rock. I'm fine doing this...I'll look at a trip and make sure there that if I bail it doesn't mean the whole group needs to turn around. The upper basin as a nice place to explore in late May so that was my plan. I waved the group off and I headed a bit downhill exploring the streams and tarns near camp. It was a beautiful day to explore.

The group was back early afternoon and we packed up and headed back out going back down that steep grassy meadow. I don't like steep!
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