Lake Augusta (Jul 23-24, 2005)

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lk_augusta_coverConditions: Backpack
Gear: overnight gear
Map: USGS Big Jim Mountain
Area: Stevens Pass
Stats: about 14.5mi, 5642' gain (round trip)

Lake Augusta...I love the lake...I hate the Hatchery Creek trail. If I ever go back, I need to try the route up from Icicle.

Hatchery Creek trail is steep, eroded in places, overgrown, hot, and buggy. It really isn't until the trail reaches 6050' (about 3.25mi in) that I think it gets pretty. Great wildflower meadows when in season and views that are hard to beat. After reaching the ridge the trail drops down the south side of Pt6296 and then heads around the SE ridge of Pt7053. There is a long traverse, a few switchbacks, and oh so many wildflowers!

After crossing the stream outlet to Lk Augusta the trail heads back uphill to reach the lake basin. Lots of spots to camp up here. Most beat pretty bare by horses. We found a nice campsite and wandered around the lake which seemed nearly encircled by lupine.

Morning came and we decided to continue up the trail to the ridge above the lake. There wasn't much time left for more exploring so we eventually made our way back down to our campsite to pack up and hike back out.
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