Bean Creek Basin (Jul 2-3, 2005)

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bean_ck_basin_coverConditions: Backpack
Gear: overnight gear
Map: USGS Mount Stuart
Area: Teanaway
Stats: unknown

Bean Creek is another great wildflower hike. Kim and I headed in just before the 4th which seems to be (most years) about the best time to see the meadows.

The trail leaves the Beverly Creek TH, immediately crosses a foot bridge and about 1/2mi up a decommissioned road (turned to trail) the Bean Peak trail takes a right just before the creek crossing. The trail continues uphill, crossing the creek once and then continues up to the head of Bean Creek.

Along the sides of the upper basin there are campsites in the trees. It was buggy, really buggy, but I suppose that's the price to pay during flower season.

We wandered around counting all the different types of flowers (bog orchids, bistort, lupine, paintbrush, elephant head...)

We headed further up the basin onto the Velcro brown rock of Bean Pk that's fun to play around on. A faint trail leads up near the SE ridge of the peak. From here we could see over into the Enchantments. I never get tired of the views from here. Eventually we meandered back down to the basin and camp. The area really is pretty, one could just spend hours wandering around.
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