Warm Lake (Jul 31 to Aug 1, 2004)

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warm_lk_coverConditions: Backpack
Gear: overnight gear
Map: USGS Walupt Lake
Area: Goat Rocks Wilderness
Stats: 17.22mi, 3184' (round trip)

An invite came from Beth, what about try to head up Mt Curtis Gilbert? I'm game for just about anything so we set off.

We hiked in via Conrad Meadows. Flat down low, then steeper switchbacks up to Surprise Lake. We followed the trail until the pack trail heads off north towards Conrad Creek. We followed the pack trail for a bit, then headed off cross country to Warm Lake setting up camp in the trees.

We could see some lingering snow patches on the NE side of Klickton Divide. Went for a swim in Warm Lake. What did I learn??? Even at the end of July...lakes called Warm Lake are not really all that warm.

In the morning we headed up to Klickton Divide. I was OK for a bit, then we hit steepish snow on the divide. I wasn't' comfortable on the steep snow so I waved Beth off and she continued up to Mt Curtis Gilbert. I dawdled on my way getting back down to camp. I lingered before dropping down off the divide since the views south and east were superb...Mt Adams was so close.

Beth returned later in the afternoon, we packed up and headed out.
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