Three Brothers (Sep 19, 2004)

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three_brothers_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: noting special
Map: USGS Enchantment Lakes
Area: Teanaway
Stats: 13mi, 4900' gain (round trip)

JimB, SteveF, SuzanneR, DonB and Sheila, Kim, and Stefan and I headed east to avoid the wet weather on the west side.

We headed up the Stafford Creek trail. The day was cold but the good pace up the trail kept us all warm. About 3.2mi up the Stafford Creek trail (just after a stream crossing at 4800') and headed steeply uphill to 5400 where we recrossed the stream and headed for the 6000' saddle north of Pt6442 (Little Navaho).

The Teanaway blues (good weather) started to fail. The rain and wind starting to pick up. From the saddle we headed uphill along the ridge towards Navaho then veered off the side trail (County Line trail I think) that heads over towards the saddle at the head of Falls Creek and then followed Three Brothers SW ridge to the top, all easy terrain.

Lots of summit time and then finally time to head down. Some peeled off the group to take some extra high points. We pretty much all met up again at the 6000' saddle and then headed back down to the dry cars at the trailhead.
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