South Ingalls Peak (Aug 22, 2004)

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south_ingalls_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: nothing special
Area: Mt Stuart
Stats: 10.33mi, 4142' gain (round trip)

Ade and I headed out for a scramble up South Ingalls. We hiked up the Ingalls Way trail, up over Ingalls Pass, down through Headlight Basin and up and over to Ingalls Lake, At the lake we stay left (west of the lake) looking for the easiest route up to the saddle between Ingalls Peak and South Ingalls Peak.

From this saddle we went around to the right (north) side of the peak. There was a nice (obvious to us) ramp that we followed to the north and then found the scrambling to the top to be nice. Good rock, good holds, lots of fun.

After lunch we headed down towards Lake Ann wanting to make a nice loop of the trip. Then, it was up over Fortune Pass and the long hike out the Esmeralda Basin trail.

This is was an awesome scramble. I'd love to repeat this some day.
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