Goat Mountain (Apr 24, 2004)

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goat_mtn_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: snowshoes, ice axe
Map: USGS Mount Larrabee
Area: Mt Baker
Stats: about 8mi, 4800' gain (round trip)

We parked along the Hannegan Pass road and started hiking up the Goat Mtn trail reaching snow about 4000'. Here, we lost the trail, so we booted uphill to the west peak's shoulder at 5400'.

No views, hmm...wow...too bad. Mount Baker is right there but we couldn't see it.

From this spot at 5400', we began a long rising traverse to the saddle between the west and east peaks. We reached the saddle about 100' up to the east, then dropped down to the saddle. From here the terrain got much steeper. Ick. We headed up the west flanks of the east peak for about 400' then traversed over to the open southwest face. The snow conditions looked and felt good so we continued to towards the east peaks SE ridge. From here it was a short scramble, maybe 100', to the summit.

Still now views...darn...

We ate lunch socked in a the summit. Mike began to fidget...grabbing a shovel and dancing around the summit....finally stopping and stating "the summit register is here". He then began to dig and gosh darn it...he was right...eventually he did find it.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, the clouds lifted and we got some well deserved views of Baker and Shuksan. We plunged stepped downhill meeting back up with the "trail" and continued back down to the trailhead.
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