Whittier Peak (Jun 25, 2003)

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whittier_pk_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: Ice axe
Map: USGS Poe Mountain
Area: Wenatchee
Reference: n/a
Stats: about 12.28mi, 6887' gain (round trip)

I had tried twice before to do Whittier. Both times we first went up Longfellow Mtn and then tried headed over to Whittier. Whittier isn't that much further away. Third time is a charm I guess, the group decided to skip Longfellow and head straight to Whittier.

There is a good trail (Poet Ridge Trail) all the say to just east and north of Longfellow. Just north of the peak, we dropped over the north ridge and dropped down into the basin about 500 feet. Beckey said the ridge between Longfellow and Whittier goes...yeah I suppose if you have more time and a lot more gear than we had...

After dropping down into the basin, we traversed over towards Whittier looking for an easy spot on the NW ridge to gain that ridge. It took a bit of time and effort and the route we found had us using a handling (maybe Cl4) but once up on the ridge it was all hands in pockets walking up to the summit.

Finally tagging this peak had me finally complete the short list of the Poet Peaks (Irving, Poe, Longfellow, Bryant, Whittier). I much prefer calling the ridge Poet Ridge over the official USGS Wenatchee Ridge moniker. Poet Ridge is just so much more...poetic...
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