PCT in the Glacier Peak Wilderness (Sep 19-22, 2003)

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gpw_coverConditions: Backpack
Gear: overnight gear
Map: USGS Glacier Peak West
Area: Mountain Loop Highway
Reference: n/a
Stats: about 23mi, 5709' gain (one way)

A 4 day trip into the heart of the Glacier Peak Wilderness.

We went in via the White Chuck Trail (before the washout) and spent the first night camped near the old Kennedy Hot Springs. The old hot springs I found mostly kinds nasty. The second day we hiked up over and spent the day poking around up high, near the White Chuck Glacier. Third night we moved over to the White Chuck Cinder Cone. The alpenglow on Glacier Peak from this vantage was really nice. Final day was spent hiking out via Red Pass and heading towards White Pass but not quite getting there, instead, taking the long series of switchback down the N Fk Sauk Trail to the Mackinaw Shelter and the loooong flat hike back out to the TH from there. We had taken two cars on this trip leaving one early on at the N Fk Sauk TH so that when we got out, we could retrieve the other car at the White Chuck TH.

Sadly, within a few weeks of finishing this trip, the first of two 100 year floods (2003 and then again in 2006) seriously impaired travel to this side of the mountain, one of the floods washing out good portions of the Suiattle River Road.
PCT Through the Glacier Peak Wilderness

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