Glacier Basin (Aug 27-28, 2003)

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glacier_basin_coverConditions: Bike ride and overnight backpack
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Monte Cristo
Area: Monte Cristo
Stats: 12.18mi, 2279' gain (round trip)

I love combo hikes, ones that are a mix of biking and hiking. You can get a ways in pretty quickly.

Monte Cristo is an interesting old place. It's an old mining town that days back quite a ways, to the late 1800's. The book of the same name (Alexandre Dumas) was quite famous at the time, hence the towns name. Rockefeller invested someting like $4M into the town but only got a fraction of that back in gold. The town today is a relic. An interesting historical place to visit.

We parked our truck at Barlow Pass (Mtn Loop Highway) and then biked up the road to the old town. Once in town, at the trailhead, we shouldered our overnight packs and headed up to Glacier Basin, a beautiful basin surrounded by the Monte Cristo Peaks.

We spent the afternoon wandering around higher up searching around for old mining relics. Lots of big old hardware is still up in those hills. Thankfully most of it is way to heavy to be carted off my "thieves" pilfering the site for the easier to carry pieces of history.
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