Glacier Peak (June 30-July 2, 2001)

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glacier_pk_coverConditions: Backpack, climb
Gear: backpacking, climbing (ice axe, crampons, harness, rope...)
Area: Glacier Peak Wilderness
Stats: in the general neighborhood of 25 miles, 11,000' gain (3-day trip)

Some old scans of a trip up Glacier Peak in 2001. Oh so long ago now...

Was a group of three...Ace, Kim, me.

This was before the floods washed out the original best approach route, the Whitechuck. Back then, we drove the road to the trailhead, hiked up the trail to the old Kennedy Hot Springs (now long gone in the 2003 floods), continued on to the climbers path up to Boulder Basin camp. Day 1 was getting to camp. Day two...early start and then heading up the Sitkum Glacier to the saddle just east of Sitkum Spire...then following the dirt ridge and skirting the Scimitar Glacier to the summit block area. We went climbers left around the summit block to the NE face and then it was one last short, steep, exposed push to the summit. The summit is a pretty huge flat area. We were the only ones up there that day (the 1st). Got buzzed by a couple of F-somethings that flew right over the summit. Weird when they are so close you can see lettering on the planes. Nice long stay on the summit then back to Boulder Camp. Day 3...hike out.

Sorry about the images...old and pre-digital. Scans will have to do.
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