Flying Wheels (Jun 2, 2018)

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flying_wheels_coverConditions: group ride (cycling)
Gear: nothing special
Map: n/a
Area: Redmond, Sammamish, Carnation, Fall City
Reference: n/a
Stats: 45.6mi, 2221' gain (round trip)

Earlier this year Steve and I decided we'd do two rides with CBC. Flying Wheels is the first of the two. The big route is a century ride (100 miles) which I knew I couldn't do. I had my heart set on doing the 67 mile ride. Steve ended up having obligations out of state so I'd end up doing the ride by myself. Rats.

I showed up early at Marymoor Park in Redmond and was surprised to see how many people were also getting an early start. The 100 mile rider stated at 6:30am. The 67 milers started at 7am.

The CB cue sheets and maps are shown below. It's a nice ride with a mix of suburban and country roads. There were two good hills on the 67 mile route.

At the first rest stop (Carnation) I noticed a bit of tightness in my left hamstring. I stopped at the station...tanked up on a bunch of nuun (electrolytes) which I hate but I hoped it would help. By the second station in Fall City it was still there and getting tighter. another long rest, lots of fluids, food. I got back on the bike and I just couldn't shake the beginnings of a muscle cramp. I decided to just do the short route (47 miles) not wanting to risk a full on hamstring muscle cramp. That meant skipping the extension that headed out to North Bend. Oh well.

I peddled the last 20 miles or so back to Marymoor Park and CBC had a nice finishers party set up complete with a free lunch!

I figured that Flying Wheels would be a good way to jump start myself to get into better cycling shape for this summer. Mission somewhat accomplished. I don't think I'm a good hill climber. I find it intimidating. I know that it just takes practice and consistency. Even though I didn't finish the 67 mile route, I don't think I did so bad. One thing I think about, maybe dream about, is being in good enough shape to do the STP. It would be more miles that Flying Wheels but less gain. I think I could do it. I just need to commit to a training regimen.
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