520 Trail + Some (Jul 8, 2018)

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520_trail_coverConditions: day ride
Gear: nothing special
Map: n/a
Area: Seattle
Reference: n/a
Stats: 21.42mi, 764' gain (round trip)

Day two...another ride! Steve really wanted to do a ride north around Lk Washington and then head back to Green Lake via the 520 bridge. It looked to be about a 30 mile ride...but I just didn't feel up to it with the warm weather and the longer ride yesterday. We settled on heading directly for the 520 bridge and riding the trail out and back. We extended it by heading out to the Ballard Market.

I did the Emerald Bike Ride last year when the bridge was closed (before the trail was complete) and it was a great ride. This time, with the trail complete, it would be interesting to ride the bridge again. I'm not a huge fan of riding I-90 because the pedestrian/bike path is really narrow. The 520 trail can't be compared to the I-90 trail. The 520 trail is spacious, has several pullouts with informational sign...it's generally just a really, really nice trail.

We left Green Lk, picked up the Burke Gillman and made our way over to the 520 Bridge. We road east to the other side and then turned around and headed back to Montake. Steve wanted to head over to the Ballard Market so we wound our way over there. We wanted to get lunch at the market but it was peak time, lines were long, so we headed over to Bongo's Cafe on Phinney Ridge...GREAT place! Then back to Stave's.
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