Seattle Night Ride (Jul 7, 2017)

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seattle_night_ride_coverConditions: Night Ride
Gear: lots and lots and lots of lights
Map: n/a
Area: Seattle
Reference: n/a
Stats: 26.4mi, 1004' gain (for the loop)

Signed up kinda late for this ride but at least it was early enough to get my rider packet delivered out to the house. I prepped for the ride by finding some fun lights to adorn the Roubaix. One was a flashing multicolor rope light which got mounted to the bike frame. The other light was a small disco ball light that Steve found a way to mount to my handlebars. I had found a small light that mounted to the spokes and changed color and I also had the small tube stem lights that we got on Bike to Work Day. Every other bike light I owned (headlight and rear light) got fully charged up and mounted to various parts of the bike.

We met at the brewery downtown and then headed out. I got a few comments on the disco light. Steve pointed out that I wasn't the weirdest rider out tonight. There were others dressed in pirate costumes. Some riders had tutus on. It was a ride done in good fun.

The ride started at 10pm which was late for me and wound around downtown in a 15 mile loop. We rode to the start and then after the ride had to get back up to Green Lake. All in was a nice ride. But was late by the time I got to bed...nearly 3am. I don't think I've stayed up this late since in at least 10 years!
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