Chilly Hilly (Feb 26, 2017)

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chilly_hilly_coverConditions: cycling
Gear: road bike
Map: n/a
Area: Bainbridge Island, WA
Reference: n/a
Stats: 41.2mi, 3,036' gain (round trip)

I finally signed up for my first club ride. I joke with my little niece sometimes to go big or go home. This was one of those big trips. I've done this ride before in the summer but what makes this ride big is the weather and the early season. Well today, Chilly Hilly lived up to its name. It was cold enough to snow.

Steve and I started out at his place in Green Lake. From there is was a short ride to the Light Rail station at the UW. We road Link all the way down to the Stadium Station. From there a short ride over to Pyramid Alehouse to pick up our rider packets. Another short ridge up to the ferry terminal. We waited in line for a little while and watched as the ferry docked and emptied out. Then it was time to load for the ride back to the island. First...a few cars... Then....a LOT of bikes. Hundreds of bikes. We headed inside for the crossing (about a 30 minute ride) and then back down to the car decks to match back up with our bikes. We walked the bikes off the ferry but then it was time to ride.

It was a little unnerving to be riding so close to so many people on bikes. We stayed on the route the whole way fully encased in GoreTex. It rained the entire day. Not too bad I least it didn't snow and there wasn't any ice.

We kept riding all the way up to the Observatory which is about the half way point. A hot meal, a really yummy baked potato, was waiting for us and the hundreds of other riders. We didn't stay too long...we were chilling down fast. Before the fingers got too numb we were back on the bikes and working to finish the second half of the ride. The second half seemed a bit hillier than the first half. I ended up walking my bike up the two large hills today.

It was really satisfying to reach the finish...another warm meal...a bowl of hot chili...was waiting for us!

Then it was time to try to make our way back home. We got into the bike line for the next ferry and it was easy to get on board the next ferry. Then the ride over to Pioneer Station and a ride on light rail back up to the UW. Then one more sort ride back to Green Lake.

So while I didn't ride 100% of the Chilly Hilly route I can at least say I crossed the finish line!
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