Reifel & Boundary Bay (Dec 23, 2017)

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reifel_coverConditions: walk
Gear: camera equipment
Map: n/a
Area: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Reference: n/a
Stats: 2.6mi, 0' gain (round trip)

House project have been sucking up a huge amount of time lately. The house is undergoing a major remodeling effort. I'm tried of dealing with the house tasks (buying bathroom fixtures, picking out bathroom tile, dealing with not having a functioning kitchen since Thanksgiving, etc.) and I really, REALLY needed a change. I travelling to Tennessee for Thanksgiving because of house issues. This year I'm in town for Christmas and New Years. I asked Steve if he'd be interested in going up to Canada for a birding trip since I am having trouble locating most of my hiking gear. He was interested...thankfully.

We got an early start on the drive north. It's only about a 2 hour drive to the border and the crossing was a breeze. By mid morning we pulled up into the parking lot of Reifel and found clear blue skies and really cold temps. We bundled up, sorted out camera gear, paid our entrance fee (CA$5.00), and started our walk around the refuge. Steve had fun taking photos right inside the entrance of all the mallards. We did the perimeter walk along the dikes counterclockwise and then did the interior dike hike.

Lots of birds about...sandhill cranes, one owl aloft (though through the trees and since it was moving I couldn't tell what kind), wrens, chickadees, mallards, northern shovelers, coots, wood ducks, etc). It felt nice to just get out and walk around.

About 2:00pm we decided it was time to head over to the dike trail at Boundary Bay. I was hoping the snowy owls would be about. It has been 5 years since I've been out to the area and couldn't remember the exact turnoff but on the third try we found the right road (I need to remember it is next to the golf course next time). No snowy owls but lots and lots and LOTS of bald eagles.

We stopped in Bellingham on the way home and had dinner at the Boundary Bay Brewery. Great place!

I can't wait for the house project to be over...
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