Nisqually NWR (Feb 16, 2013)

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nisqually_nwr_coverConditions: barely a hike
Gear: heavy camera gear
Map: n/a
Area: Nisqually
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Nisqually NWR is small. I have hit or miss luck with it when visiting. But, for a NWR so close, it's good bang for the buck.

I'd read that a pair of great horned owls was nesting and raising a couple of owlets right off on the mail paths. Still nurning a bum foot, I thought I'd give it a whirl and head down there. I was told...just look for the photographer. Spot them and look where they are pointing their cameras and you'll have no trouble locating the nest or the birds (if out). They were right.

One chick was out and a bit up a tree right off the main trail 5 minutes from the parking area. Everyone was doing a great job not getting too close, making too much noise or otherwise bothering the birds. This one owlet though really was close to the trail. The other owlet was still in the nest in a hole in a large cottonwood tree further into the trees. The two parents were both nearby one high above watching... The other, further away but also still watching...

I spent an hour or so just watching. Owls really are amazing birds. I got hooked on spotting them when I saw my first short eared owl several years ago up at Samish Flats.

What a beautiful bird...

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