Boundary Bay & Reifel (Jan 11, 2012)

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boundary_bay_coverConditions: A walk in the park, literally
Gear: camera, tripod, lots and lots of warm clothing, plastic bags (to protect the camera)
Map: n/a
Area: greater Vancouver, BC
Reference: n/a
Stats: too little to account for

I try to make at least one trip up to British Columbia each year. With the irruption of the snowy owl in early 2012...I jumped at the chance when Karen contacted me and asked if I was interested in meeting her at the dykes. Karen and I are good trip partners. Similar interests (photography, hiking, birding and wildlife) and when two or more of those interests join out!

I headed up early, the drive usually isn't too bad but one never knows with border crossings, weather...

Just south of Bellingham I was worried. The Roadrunner (my 2000 Subaru Outback) and I encountered near blizzard conditions. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it. There was no place to pull over. I-5 headed north was covered in several inches of fresh snow. I didn't have a way to get in touch with Karen to see what conditions were like a bit further north. I was tempted...very turn around and make my apologies later to Karen. Then I though...let's just see what it's like a few miles further north in Bellingham. A good place to turn around if needed and get something warm to drink before I headed back south. Amazingly...thankfully...the weather cleared and road conditions improved. I was good to continue north.

I arrived at the Boundary Bay dykes early and found Karen and her camera huddled under a garbage bag. She met me at my car and said...the owls were everywhere. I grabbed the gear and lots of plastic bags and met her back at the dyke. I should say I met here and dozens of other out at the dykes. News reports in BC and down in the States had attracted the attention of photographers and bird watches. Thankfully, everyone was on their best behavior, no one we could see was approaching the birds, but the click...oh my the camera shutter could here them everywhere.

We spent several hours out at the dykes and then with some time to spare before I needed to head back south, we decided to head over to Reifel to check that out. Karen had always told me of the owls lurking there. I'd never been lucky enough to see them, until today.

Great trip. This was such a beautiful outing. Irruptions of the snowy owls happen about every 7 years and boy oh boy oh boy was it a treat to see them. Gorgeous, beautiful, striking and stoic birds they are.

Boundary Bay & Reifel Slideshow
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