Wenas Road (Apr 25, 2010)

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wenas_road_coverConditions: Mostly a Driving Tour
Gear: camera gear
Map: USGS Wenas Lake
Area: Ellensburg & Yakima, WA
Reference: n/a
Stats: n/a

I headed over to what has become a reliable birding location for me...Wenas Road. I usually head up Umtanum Road out of Ellensburg and then at some point, this road turns into Wenas Road. I drive the road slowly taking my time looking for something new and interesting. Then just before Selah, I usually turn back around and drive the road a second time back to Ellensburg.

I've had good luck finding interesting birds on this trip. Previous trips I've found American Kestrels, countless bluebirds, owls...

This trip my good fortune was spotting a Lewis' Woodpecker. I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first, just a dark bird on a fence post behaving like a woodpecker. When the sun shown the right way on the bird...the birds feathers just lit up. The bird almost looked greenish. It wasn't until I got home that I was able to ID the bird.
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