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AlphaBetiCal Listing of all Trips

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Grace Lakes Dec-14-2019
Boulder River Dec-08-2019
Goat Lake Nov-23-2019
Whitehorse Trail Nov-02-2019
Ingalls Lake Oct-26-2019
Carne Mtn Basin Oct-12-2019
Cutthroat Pass Oct-05-2019
Mt McCausland / Lk Valhalla Sep-21-2019
Tonga Ridge / Mt Sawyer Sep-14-2019
Yellow Aster Butte Sep-06-2019
eBike Commute to Work Aug-30-2019
Crystal Lakes Aug-23-2019
Cutthroat Lakes Aug-18-2019
Long Beach Aug-9th-11th-2019

Paddy-Go-Easy Pass & Sprite Lake Jul-26th-28th-2019
Evergreen Mtn LO Jul-21-2019
FHCAM Skyfair Jul-20-2019
Thorp Mtn LO Jul-13th-14th-2019
MSH Boundary Trail Jul-05-2019
Chatter Creek Jun-30-2019
Lake Caroline Jun-16-2019
Ingalls Creek Jun-9th-10th-2019
Navaho Pass Jun-1st-2nd-2019
Interurban Trail to Everett May-27-2019
Ingalls Creek May-25-2019
Florida May-11th-18th
Icicle Ridge via 4th of July May-04-2019
Sauer's Mtn May-03-2019
Sage HIlls Apr-28-2019
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Apr-20-2019
White Bluffs - South Apr-19-2019
Wenas Road Apr-13-2019
Sun Top Lookout Mar-31-2019
Sandhill Crane Festival Mar-22nd-24th-2019
Mazama Ridge Mar-17-2019
Kelcema Lake Mar-10-2019
Snowy Mtn Loop Hwy Mar-03-2019
Eide Road Walk Jan-21-2019
Nordic Pass Jan-20-2019
Diamond Head Jan-12-2019
Kendall Peak Lakes Jan-05-2019

Jan 26.28 6,410 0 0 0
Feb 0 0 0 0 0
Mar 34.62 6,261 0 0 0
Apr 12.90 2,415 0 0 0
May 18.82 5,975 26.97 881 0
Jun 39.62 10,718 0 0 0
Jul 28.34 9,220 0 0 0
Aug 13.48 3,718 57.51 2.116 0
Sep 20.94 6,694 154.51 5,267 0
Oct 26.25 8,446 166.26 5,793 0
Nov 9.94 2,018 265.11 8,639 0
Dec 9.61 2,670 0 0 0
Total 240.80 64,545 728.45 24,991 0

Blanchard Mtn Dec-15-2018
Skyline Lake Dec-08-2018
Beckler Peak Nov-18-2018
Mt Dickerman Nov-11-2018
Suiattle River Trail Nov-03-2018
Cutthroat Lakes Oct-19-2018
Kubota Garden Oct-14-2018
Tonga Ridge & Fisher Lake Oct-13-2018
Cathedral Provincial Park Oct-3rd-7th-2018
Cutthroat Lakes Aug-25-2018
Alta Mountain Aug-04-2018
Spider Meadows & Phelps Basin Jul-27th-28th-2018
Surprise & Glacier Lks Jul-20-2018
Fremont LO Jul-14-2018
520 Trail + Some Jul-08-2018
Lake Washington Loop Jul-07-2018
Bean Peak Jul-04-2018
Miller Peak Jun-29-2018
Driveway Butte Jun-23-2018
Iron Peak Jun-17-2018
Flying Wheels Jun-02-2018
Red Top LO Jun-01-2018
Teanaway Ridge May-26-2018
Dirtyface LO May-19-2018
Icicle Ridge May-12-2018
Swakane Peak May-05-2018
Huntoon Point Apr-29-2018
Padilla Bay Ride Apr-21-2018
Yakima Skyline Mar-18-2018
Centennial Stretch Mar-10-2018
Stafford LO Mar-03-2018
Test Ride on the New Saddle Mar-01-2018
Indoor Trainier Feb-27-2018
Indoor Trainer Feb 25-2018
Indoor Trainer Feb-24-2018
Smithbrook Road Feb-10-2018
Womxn's March 2.0 Jan-20-2018

Jan 2.57 74 0 0 0
Feb 0 0 39.85 0 0
Mar 15.90 3,187 39.36 568 1
Apr 5.81 1,290 63.82 489 0
May 29.69 12,160 54.85 1,073 0
Jun 31.79 10,022 45.60 2,221 0
Jul 38.49 9,923 72.82 2,572 0
Aug 15.08 4,135 0 0 0
Sep 0 0 0 0 0
Oct 33.77 9,416 0 0 0
Nov 22.39 7,843 0 0 0
Dec 8.99 2,540 0 0 0
Total 204.48 60,590 316.30 6,923 0

Lake TwentyTwo Dec-31-2017
Reifel & Boundary Bay Dec-23-2017
Iron Mtn TN Nov-24-2017
Squire Creek Pass Oct-28-2017
Snowy Lakes Oct-6th-7th-2017
Carne Mtn Sep-30-2017
Kitsap Color Classic Ride Sep-24-2017
Ebey's Landing Sep-23-2017
McClure Rock Sep-16-2017
Skyline Divide Sep-3rd-4th-2017
Eclipse, Stanley ID Aug-19th-22nd-2017
Knapsack Pass to Spray Park Loop Aug-12-2017
Green Mtn LO Jul-28th-30th-2017
Rainbow Lake Jul-22nd-23rd-2017
Indian Henry's Hunting Ground Jul-15-2017
Earl Peak Jul-09-2017
Seattle Night Ride Jul-07-2017

Interurban Ride to Seattle Jul-03-2017
West Bandera Mtn Jul-02-2017
Chiwaukum Creek Jun-11-2017
High Bridge Ride out to Monroe Jun-10-2017
Deroux Peak Jun-03-2017
Emerald Bike Ride May-28-2017
Teanaway Ridge May-21-2017
Bike to Swag Day May-20-2017
Black Canyon May-07-2017
Sauer's Mountain Apr-20-2017
Ancient Lakes Apr-15th-16th-2017
CA Southwest Mar-27th to Apr-08-2017
Swakane Peak Mar-19-2017
Tour de Metro Mar-06-2017
Chilly Hilly Feb-26-2017
Snoqualmie Pass Nordic Center Feb-25-
Centennial Trail in the Rain Feb-18-2017
Nisqually NWR Feb-12-2017
Green Lake > Rally > Burke Gilman Ride Feb-11-2017
Ride to REI Seattle & Back Feb-05-2017
Ride to Alderwood Mall & Back Jan-29-2017
Hex Mountain Jan-28-2017
Womxn's March in Seattle Jan-21-2017
Eide Road Birding Jan-15-2017
Talapus Lake Jan-14-2017
Huntoon Point Jan-08-2017

Jan 28.77 5,697 48.30 2,447 0
Feb 11.58 1,005 200.20 5,999 0
Mar 7.47 2,947 72.20 2,293 0
Apr 22.67 3,443 0 0 0
May 7.21 1,782 40.18 2,129 0
Jun 17.54 3.986 24.40 853 0
Jul 49.83 16,423 80.95 2,825 0
Aug 7.47 2,245 22.50 322 0
Sep 28.18 9,067 41.53 2,255 0
Oct 25.84 6,515 0 0 0
Nov 7.05 1,528 0 0 0
Dec 7.91 1,416 0 0 0
Total 222.07 56,154 530.26 19,123 0

Mason Neck State Park Dec-27-2016
Mount Vernon Dec-26-2016
Chinquapin Park Dec-24-2016
Mowich Lake Rd Dec-03-2016
Umtanum Ridge Nov-04-2016
Kendall Katwalk Oct-23-2016
Scottish Lakes Oct 7-9, 2016
Ptarmigan Ridge Sep-24th-25th-2016
Tyee Mtn LO Sep-18-2016
Fortune Ponds Sep-3rd-5th-2016
Green Mtn LO Sep-10th-11th-2016
Pete Lake Aug-14-2016
Cutthroat Pass Jul-31st-Aug-1st-2016
Fremont LO Jul-24-2016
EMSK Baker Lake Jul-15th-17th-2016

Green Mountain LO Jul-01-2016
Beat the Heat Centennial Trail Cycle Jun-05-2016
Ingalls Creek Jun-04-2016
Mill Creek Morning Cycle Jun-03-2016
Canvasing Crescent Wood May-31-2016
Chiwaukum Creek May-29-2016
Teanaway Ridge (Revisited) May-22-2016
Bike to Swag Day May-20-2016
Teanaway Ridge May-14-2016
Victoria, BC May-6th-8th-2016
Mill Creek Loop Cycle Apr-30-2016
Washington Park Arboretum Apr-22-2016
Whiskey Dick & Reecer Creek Apr-16-2016
Icicle Ridge Apr-09-2016
Appalacian Trail > Iron Mtn TN Mar-26-2016
Rogers Ridge TN Mar-24-2016
Iron Mountain TN Mar-23-2016

Birthday Weekend Mar-10th-13th-2016
Mutton Mountain Feb-07-2016
Monster Cookie Ride: Green Lk>Redmond>Green Lk Jan-30-2016
Cindy's Visit Jan-22nd-23rd-2016
Hamada Lk and Murphy Lks Jan-10-2016
Burke Gilman Trail (Green Lake to Bothell) Jan-09-2016

Jan 7.48 2,483 70.50 1,342 0
Feb 11.07 3,384 15.10 194 0
Mar 24.39 5,074 11.10 991 0
Apr 7.23 2,378 47.80 1,826 0
May 22.30 3,679 83.34 3,349 0
Jun 9.30 1,383 206.80 6,455 0
Jul 30.05 6,655 0 0 8.13
Aug 15.19 1,086 21.20 462 0
Sep 44.71 11,709 0 0 0
Oct 18.85 4,489 0 0 0
Nov 5.04 2,159 51.10 2,368 0
Dec 16.25 1,555 2.30 57 0
Total 211.86 48,034 509.24 17,044 8.13

Bagley Lakes Dec-19-2015
Frosty Snohomish Valley Ride Nov-28-2015
Oyster Dome Nov-27-2015
Stanwood to Mt Vernon Ride Nov-22-2015
Iron Peak Oct-24-2015
Centennial Trail Tandem Ride with Steve
Maple Pass Loop Oct-11-2015
Cutthroat Pass Oct-03-2015
Echo Lake Loop Ride Sep-27-2015
Merritt Lake & Alpine LO Sep-19-2015
Lake Washington Loop Ride Sep-12-2015
High Divide Sep-07-2015
Kubota Garden Ride Sep-05-2015
Carnation>Fall City>Snoqualmie Ridge Aug-22-2015
Gothic Basin Aug-16-2015
Hidden Lake LO Aug-02-2015
Ride to Work Jul-24-2015
Baker Lake Weekend Jul-17th-19th-2015

Ravenna to Redmond Ride Jul-11-2015
Morning ride around the neighborhood Jul-05-2015
Tolmie LO Jul-04-2015
Burroughs Mtn Jun-27-2015
Johnson Ridge Jun-20-2015
High Divide Jun-14-2015
Snohomish > Lk Stevens Loop Jun-13-2015
Mill Creek>Monroe>Snohomish>Mill Creek Jun-05-2015
Lowell Larimer>Everett>Snohomish May-31-2015
Yellow Hill May-30-2015

Lowell Larimer Loop May-25-2015
Centennial Trail (Snohomish to Nakashima Farm) May-23-2015
Centennial Trail May-16-2015
Teanaway Ridge & Iron Bear Mtn May-10-2015
Capitol Reef NP Apr-23-2015
Escalante NM Apr-22-2015
Kodachrome Basin SP & Bryce Canyon NP Apr-21-2015
Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP Apr-20-2015
The Narrows (Zion NP) Apr-19-2015
The Subway (Zion NP) Apr-18-2015
Zion NP - The Watchman Apr-17-2015
Capitol Reef (Cassidy Arch & Hinkman Bridge) Apr-16-2015
Capitol Reef Scenic Drive Apr-15-2015
Mesa Arch & Fiery Furnace Apr-14-2015
Chessler Park (Canylonlands NP) Apr-13-2015
Fisher Towers, Arches NP (Sand Dune Arch, Broken Arch, Delicate Arch) Apr-12-2015
Arches NP (Park Avenue, Balanced Rock, Turret Arch, the Windows, Double Arch) Apr-10th-11th
Icicle Ridge Mar-29-2015
Centennial Trail Mar-27-2015
Umtanum Ridge Mar-22-2015
Boulder River Mar-15-2015
Mt Dickerman Mar-13-2015
Centennial Trail (Pilchuck TH to Sisco) Mar-08-2015
Icicle Ridge Mar-06-2015
Red Mountain Mar-01-2015
Mazama Ridge MRNP Feb-21-2015
Centennial Trail (Pilchuck TH to Lk Cassidy) Feb-15-2015
Snoqualmie Falls Feb-07-2015
Granite Mtn LO Jan-30-2015
Tye Peak Jan-25-2015
Mazama & Monument Trail Jan-17th-18th-2015

Jan 26.68 7,055 0 0 0
Feb 5.86 1,430 18.70 292 0
Mar 42.90 13,607 72.80 1,154 0
Apr 72.77 14,459 0 0 0
May 26.17 7,882 149.60 3,007 0
Jun 27.86 7,261 114.00 5,457 0
Jul 22.05 3,447 145.04 6,241 23.49
Aug 18.93 6,752 85.02 3,509 0
Sep 24.29 6,728 116.40 6,175 0
Oct 28.30 6,950 44.70 612 0
Nov 6.53 1,071 60.80 1,841 0
Dec 4.03 407 0 0 0
Total 350.97 77,882 807.06 28,288 23.49

2014 Year End Review
Huntoon Point Dec-14-2014
Mt Washington Dec-07-2014
Lord Hill / Devil's Butte Nov-30-2014
Winchester Mtn Nov-21-2014
Sulphur Mtn Nov-16-2014
Kelly Butte LO Nov-08-2014
Green Mountain LO Nov-01-2014
Suiattle River Road Oct-26-2014
Canyon Ridge Oct-19-2014
Cutthroat Pass > Granite Pass Oct-05-2014
Shriner Peak LO Sep-27-2014
Spencer Spit Sep-20th-21st-2014
Banshee Peak Sep-12-2014
Enchantments Lks via Snow Lks Sep-1st-3rd-2014
Franklin Falls Aug-31-2014
Sourdough Mtn LO Aug-23-2014
Cypress Island Aug-15th-17th-2014
Tamanos Mtn Aug-09-2014
Hannegan Pk Aug-1st-2nd-2014
Snow/Gem Lks, Wright Mtn Jul-26th-27th-2014
EMSK Baker Lake Jul-19th-20th-2014
Baker River Trail Jul-18-2014
Bandera Mtn Jul-08-2014
Blanca Lake Jul-07-2014

Rampart Ridge & Rachel Lake Jul-20-2014
Davis Peak Jun-29-2014
Tronsen Ridge Jun-21-2014
Driveway Butte Jun-14-2014
Miller Peak Jun-06-2014
Icicle Ridge Lookout May-31-2014
Iron Bear & Jester May-24-2014
Chuckanut Bay May-17-2014
Dirtyface LO May-11-2014
Waterworks Canyon May-10-2014
Hope & Skagit Islands Apr-26-2014
Black Canyon Loop Apr-20-2014
Manastash Ridge Apr-05-2014
Hex Mtn Mar-30-2014
Huntoon Point Mar-23-2014
Swakane Peak Mar-17-2014
Seattle Arboretum Mar-09-2014
Talapus Lake Mar-01-2014
Victoria BC Feb-21st-23rd-2014
Mount Si Feb-08-2014
Humpback Mtn Feb-01-2014
West Bandera Mtn Jan-25-2014
Arrowhead Mtn Jan-18-2014
AIARE L1 Field Trip (Mt Baker) Jan-11th-12th-2014
Thomas Mtn Jan-04-2014

2014 Miles Gain
Jan 25.60 9,296
Feb 17.86 6,330
Mar 32.29 8,603
Apr 16.31 4,494
May 31.66 13,159
Jun 35.36 11,730
Jul 41.23 11,870
Aug 41.75 13,329
Sep 48.42 14,533
Oct 19.99 4,522
Nov 36.99 12,601
Dec 14.26 4,612
Total 361.75 115,079

Lk Valhalla Dec-07-2013
Rattlesnake Mtn Traverse Nov-30-2013
Iron Mtn & Serpentine Pk Nov-24-2013
Oyster Dome & North Butte Nov-17-2013
Rattlesnake Mtn (Ledges) Nov-10-2013
Larch Lakes (Entiats) Oct-19th-20th-2013
Lake Ann Oct-13-2013
Carne Mountain Oct-06-2013
Sauk Mountain Sep-27-2013
Utah/Nevada Sep-13th-16th-2013
St Andrews Park, MRNP Aug-31-2013
Park Butte LO Aug-25-2013
Gobbler's Knob Aug-17-2013
New Mexico & Colorado 2013
Horseshoe Basin Jul-4th-7th-2013
Thorp Mountain Lookout Jun-22-2013
Goat Island Mountain Jun-15-2013
Oregon Coast Jun-7th-9th-2013
Icicle Ridge Lookout Jun-01-2013
Ingalls Creek May-19-2013
Keystone Point May-11-2013
Black Canyon May-05-2013
Sage Hills Apr-28-2013
Sauer Mountain Apr-26-2013
Washington DC Apr-13th-20th-2013
Mt Angeles Mar-30-2013
NCI Sourdough Speaker Series Mar-23rd-24th-2013
Mazama Ridge Mar-09-2013
White Bluffs (North) Mar-03-2013
Flat Stanley visits Pike Place Market Feb-23-2013
Nisqually NWR Feb-16-2013
Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Jan-19-2013

2013 Miles Gain
Jan 0 0
Feb 0 0
Mar 16.7 4,141
Apr 15.3 4,141
May 44.9 9,321
Jun 32.0 10,704
Jul 49.2 9,543
Aug 52.3 13,180
Sep 24.6 5,480
Oct 33.1 9,487
Nov 46.6 10,853
Dec 8.8 1,784
Total 323.3 78,634

Mt Si Dec-23-2012
Boulder River Dec-02-2012
Yodelin Towards Valhalla Mtn Nov-18-2012
Mt Dickerman Nov-10-2012
Iron Pk Nov-04-2012
Ingalls Way Trail Oct-27-2012
Ross Lake West Bank Trail Oct-22-2012
Cutthroat Pass (via Cutthroat Lk) Oct-06-2012
Tomyhoi Ridge Sep-30-2012
Upper Thunder Mtn Lk Sep-22nd-23rd-2012
Heather Pass>Wing Lk>Maple Pass Loop Sep-15th-17th-2012
Skyline Divide Sep-08-2012
Knapsack Pass>Seattle Park>Spray Park Loop Sep-1st-2nd-2012
Alta Mtn Tarns Aug-24-2012
Buck Creek Pass Aug-10th-11th-2012
Bearhead Mtn Aug-04-2012
Benchmark Mtn Jul-29-2012
Ross Lake Rambles Jul-21st-22nd-2012
Mt Ararat MRNP Jul-14-2012
Beckler Peak Jul-08-2012
Iron Peak Jul-06-2012
Goat Lake MLH Jul-04-2012
Yellow HIll and Beyond Jul-01-2012
Reecer Creek to Lion Rock Jun-29-2012
Meeks Table Jun-10-2012
Chiwaukum Creek Jun-03-2012
East Oval Lake May-26th-27th-2012
Driveway Butte May-19-2012
Hardy Canyon May-13-2012
Ingalls Creek May-11-2012
Swakane Canyon May-06-2012
Icicle Ridge Apr-28-2012
Black Canyon Apr-21-2012
Wenas Road May-14th-15th-2012
Niagara Falls NY May-4-2012
Umtanum Canyon to Ridge Apr-07-2012
Grand Ridge Mar-31-2012
White Bluffs (North) Mar-24-2012
Boulder River Mar-17-2012
Yakima Skyline to Gracie Point Mar-10-2012
Mazama Ridge MRNP Mar-04-2012
Mt Angeles Feb-05-2012

Hex Mountain Jan-28-2012
Boundary Bay & Reifel Jan-11-2012

Red Top Lookout Jan-08-2012

2012 Miles Gain
Jan 17.1 5,514
Feb 4.3 1,992
Mar 33.2 6,654
Apr 23.5 6,893
May 50.2 11,219
Jun 15.5 2,617
Jul 77.1 21,852
Aug 45.4 9,568
Sep 54.6 16,720
Oct 21.5 4,676
Nov 29.1 9,100
Dec 16.6 4,473
Total 387.9 101,278

Lake Serene Dec-31-2011
Rattlesnake Mtn Dec-24-2011
Kautz Creek Dec-10-2011
Heather Lake Dec-04-2011
Lake TwentyTwo Nov-19-2011
Ridgefield NWR Nov-13-2011
Estes Butte LO Nov-06-2011
Deception Creek Oct-29-2011
Ross Lake Resort Oct-21st-24th-2011
Carne Mountain Basin Oct-15-2011
Headlight Basin/Ingalls Lake Oct-08-2011
Spray Park via Knapsack Pass Sep-24-2011
Boulder River Sep-18-2011
Yellow Aster Butte Tarns Sep-9th-10th-2011
Park Butte Lookout Sep-03-2011
Sahale Arm Aug-20-2011
Carne Mountain Aug-13-2011
Rock Mtn Aug-06-2011
Lake Augusta Jul-29th-30th-2011
Bean Peak Jul-23-2011
East Esmeralda Jul-17-2011
Southwest Revisited July 2011
West Esmeralda Jun-12-2011
Suiattle Road Bike Ride & Recon Jun-10-2011
Devil's Gulch/Mission Ridge Loop Jun-04-2011
Ingalls Creek May-29-2011
Wenas Rd / Big Burn Cyn / Black Cyn May-21st-22nd-2011
Umtanum Ridge May-14-2011
Yellow Hill Apr-30-2011
Skagit Tulip Festival Apr-29-2011
Kelly Hollow Apr-16-2011
Yakima Skyline Ridge Apr-09-2011
Black Canyon Apr-03-2011
Seattle Arboretum Mar-27-2011
Hurricane Hill Mar-20-2011
The Castle Saddle Mar-06-2011
Ridgefield NWR Feb-26-2011
Diamond Head Feb-19-2011
Red Mountain Feb-13-2011
Oyster Dome Feb-05-2011
Tye Peak Jan-23-2011
Oak Creek Wildlife Area Jan-22-2011

2011 Miles Gain
Jan 5.0 1,861
Feb 29.53 5,673
Mar 25.8 8,351
Apr 33.59 8,568
May 27.36 5,748
Jun 47.0 8,418
Jul 39.15 10,809
Aug 41.85 11,755
Sep 32.25 9,000
Oct 19.5 5,340
Nov 14.54 4,349
Dec 30.75 8,899
Total 343.87 88,775

Hex Mountain Dec-19-2010
Mukilteo Lighthouse Dec-05-2010
Stafford Lookout Dec-04-2010
Cape Disappointment Nov-27th-28th-2010
Boulder River Nov-21-2010
Seattle Arboretum Oct-31-2010
Earl Peak Oct-23-2010
Hells Canyon NRA, Heaven's Gate Lookout Oct-14th-15th-2010
Harts Pass > Grasshopper Pass Oct-2nd-3rd-2010
Kendall Katwalk (Ridge & Gravel Lks) Sep-25-2010
Centennial Trail Sep-11-2010
Sand Point / Ozette Sep-3rd-5th-2010
Hidden Lakes Peak Aug-29-2010
Excelsior Peak Aug-14th-15th-2010
Grand Park Aug-07-2010
Boundary Way Trail, Pt 5658 (Cowap Pk), Damfino Lakes Aug-01-2010
Crow Hill Jul-24-2010
Fremont Lookout Jul-17-2010
Wolf Creek Jul-9th-10th-2010
Tronsen Ridge Jul-04-2010
San Juan Island Jun-11-2010
Whiskey Dick Mtn May-30-2010
Big Four Ice Caves Trail May-15-2010
Wenas Road Apr-25-2010
Flying Heritage Collection Apr-13-2010
Skagit Tulip Festival Apr-06-2010
Rhododendron Species Garden Apr-10-2010
Cowiche Canyon Mar-20-2010
Kalaloch Beach Mar-6th-7th-2010
Umtanum Creek Canyon Feb-28-2010
Seattle Arboretum Jan-30-2010
BC Birding Jan-23rd-24th-2010
Nisqually NWR Jan-16-2010

Evergreen Mountain LO Dec-31-2009 to Jan-01-2010
Granite Mtn, West Granite Mtn Dec-12-2009
Seattle Arboretum Nov-08-2009
Johnson & Malcolm Mtns Nov-01-2009
Navaho Pk & Little Navaho Pk Oct-24th-25th-2009
Harts Pass > Grasshopper Pass Oct-18-2009
Southwest Road Trip A to Z Sep/Oct 2009
Boulder River Sep-07-2009
Galena Chain Lakes Aug-15th-16th-2009
Norwegian Memorial Aug-1st-2nd-2009
Summerland & Sunrise Jul-17th-19th-2009
Horseshoe Basin Jul-3rd-5th-2009
Chewuch River Trail Jun-27-2009
Tronsen Ridge Jun-14-2009
Chiwaukum Creek Jun-06-2009
Palouse Road Trip May-22nd-24th-2009
Hardy Canyon May-17-2009
Whiskey Dick Mtn May-09-2009
Swakane Canyon Apr-25-2009
Hoh River Trail & Rialto Beach Apr-3rd-5th-2009
Maui Feb-2tth to Mar-11th-2009
Grand Coulee Dam & Northrup Canyon Feb-6th-7th-2009
Snohomish River Flood Jan-8th-10th-2009

Washington DC Dec-2008
Reifel Dec-14-2008
Boulder River Nov-29-2008
Umtanum Canyon Nov-16-2008
Old Blewett Pass Oct-26-2008
Yellow Aster Butte 9/27th-28th-2008
Goat Pk & Ruby Creek Sep-20th-21st-2008
Lake Ann Sep-12th-13th-2008
Summerland & Panhandle Gap Sep-06-2008
Mt Hood Area Aug-30th-Sept-1st-2008
Skyline Divide Aug-15th-16th-2008
Ingalls Lake Aug-9th-10th-2008
Upper Eagle Lake Aug-2nd-3rd-2008
Cady Ridge Jul-27-2008
Burroughs Mtn & Skyscraper Mtn Jul-19-2008
Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Glacier NPs 6/29 to 7/4/2008
Tronsen Ridge Jun-15-2008
Teanaway Discovery Trail Jun-08-2008
Robinson Canyon Jun-01-2008
John Day National Monument May-23rd-25th-2008
Duffy Creek May-17-2008
Whitechuck Road May-11-2008
Cape Disappointment May-3rd-4th-2008
White Bluffs (South) & Whiskey Dick Mtn Apr-26-2008
Black Canyon Apr-19-2008
Olympic Coast Weekend Apr-13th-14th-2008
Whiskey Dick Mtn Apr-05-2008
Old Sauk Trail Mar-16-2008
Seattle Arboretum Mar-15-2008
Rock Island Grade Feb-23-2008
Lunar Eclipse Feb-20-2008
Dungeness Spit Feb-17-2008
Samish Flats Feb-10-2008
Seattle Arboretum Jan-20-2008
Suiattle Road Walk Jan-13-2008

Humpback Mountain Dec-16-2007
Edmonds Waterfront Dec-09-2007
Oregon Coast Nov-21st-24th-2007
Boulder River Nov-04-2007
Friday Harbor & San Juan Island Oct-27-2007
Grey Wolf River Oct-20-2007
Ingalls Lake Oct-06-2007
Mt Daniel Sep-19-2007
Ives Pk, Old Snowy, Mt Curtis-Gilbert Aug-31 to Sep-03-2007
Echo Rock & Observation Rock Aug-28-2007
Tuck & Robin Lakes (Granite & Trico Mtns) Aug-22nd-23rd-2007
Pyramid Peak Aug-10th-12th-2007
Gunn Peak Aug-05-2007
Skadulgwas Pk Jul-25-2007
Bean Peak & Volcanic Neck Jul-18-2007
Alta Mountain Jul-15-2007
Hibox Mountain Jun-27-2007
Gardner Mountain Jun-23rd-24th-2007
Ruth Mountain Jun-20-2007
Taneum Ridge Jun-14-2007
Lord Hill Jun-12-2007
Pt6878 (aka Hinkhouse) Jun-10-2007
Little Devil Peak Jun-02-2007
Dungeness Spit May-30-2007
Little Annapurna May-26th-28th-2007
Bedal Peak May-13-2007
Morningstar Peak May-06-2007
Mt St Helens Apr-21st-22nd-2007
Ancient Lakes Apr-14th-15th-2007
Union & Jove Peak Apr-08-2007
Teanaway & Tarzan Buttes Apr-01-2007
Commonweath Basin & Red Mtn Mar-25-2007
Mt Baldy & Domerie Peak Mar-17-2007
Mt Higgins Lookout Mar-04-2007
Lake Myrtle Feb-19-2007
Lord Hill Feb-11-2007
Union Gap Jan-28-2007
Talapus & Olallie Lakes Jan-21-2007

Boulder River WHACKO Dec-31-2006
Kendall Peak Lakes Dec-29-2006
Smithbrook Road Dec-03-2006
Deception Pass State Park Nov-18-2006
Basalt Ridge Oct-31-2006
Cold Lake Oct-14-2006
Summerland>Panhandle Gap Sep-30-2006
Snowgrass Mtn Sep-23rd-24th-2006
Saska Basin Sep-16th-17th-2006
Olympics Loop Sep-2nd-5th-2006
Big Snow Mtn Aug-13-2006
Harts Pass>Grasshopper Pass Jul-29th-30th-2006
Deception Lakes Jul-22nd-23rd-2006
Vesper Peak Jul-16-2006
Deception Falls Jun-18-2006
Chatter Creek Jun-17th-18th-2006
Dirtyface Peak Jun-11-2006
Umtanum Canyon May-29-2006
Coleman Pinnacle May-14-2006
Icicle Ridge Lookout May-06-2006

Mowich Lake Apr-30-2006
Bedal Peak Apr-23-2006
Umtanum Canyon May-29-2006
Shaser Ridge Apr-02-2006
Maloney Knoll Mar-19-2006
Oaks Peak Mar-12-2006
The Eaglet Mar-04-2006
Smithbrook Road Feb-25-2006
Sourdough Mtn Feb-19-2006

Florence Peak Feb-12-2006
Reflection Lakes Jan-28th-29th-2006
Skagit Eagle Festival Jan-01-2006

Boulder River WHACKO Dec-31-2005
Boulder River Nov-26-2005
Bullion Basin Nov-13-2005
Paddy-Go-Easy Pass/Sprite Lk Oct-30-2005
Ingalls Lake Oct-23-2005
Doris Lk (Pasaytens) Sep-27th-Oct-1st-2005
Melakwa Lake Sep-18-2005
Chain Lakes Loop Sep-3rd-5th-2005
Black Peak Aug-13th-14th-2005
Grindstone Mtn Aug-06-2005
Mt Forgotten Meadows Jul-31-2005
Lake Augusta Jul-23rd-24th-2005
Earl Peak Jul-09-2005
Bean Creek Basin Jul-2nd-3rd-2005
Suiattle River Road Jun-19-2005
Caroline Lks Jun-4th-5th-2005
Robinson Mtn May-28th-29th-2005
Eightmile Lake May-09-2005
Boulder River Apr-30-2005
Stillaguamish Pk Mar-13-2005
Barometer Mtn Feb-27-2005

Lichtenberg Mtn Dec-12-2004
Mowich Lake Nov-28-2004
Boulder River Nov-26-2004
Lookout Mtn Nov-21-2004
Lime Kiln Trail Oct-31-2004
Devil's Smokestack Oct-17-2004
Pasaytens Oct-1st-5th-2004
Poet Ridge Sep-26-2004
Three Brothers Sep-19-2004
Ice Lakes Sep-4th-6th-2004
Mount Pugh Aug-29-2004
South Ingalls Peak Aug-21-2004
Snow-Gem_Melakwa Lakes Aug-08-2004
Warm Lake Jul-31st to Aug-1st, 2004
Big Snow Lake Jul-25-2004
Olallie, Tuscahatchee, Pratt, Melakwa Lks Jul-18-2004
Castle Peak Jul-2nd-4th-2004
Gardner Mountain Jun-12th-13th-2004
S Fork Tieton River May-30-2004
Eightmile Lake May-08-2004
Goat Mtn (East Peak) Apr-24-2004)
Mount Wow Apr-17-2004
Skagit Tulip Festival Apr-03-2004
Jolly Mountain Mar-28-2004
Mount Si (WTA Work Party) Mar-21-2004
Deception Pass Mar-14-2004
Union Peak Mar-07-2004
McWaukum Braes Feb-22-2004
Noble Knob Feb-15-2004
Sasse Ridge Feb-01-2004
New Zealand Dec-2004 to Jan-2005

PCT in the Glacier Peak Wilderness Sep-19th-22nd-2003
Glacier Basin Aug 27th-28th-2003
Yellowstone & Grand Tetons Jul-14th-23rd-2003
Mt Baker Jul-4th-6th-2003
Whittier Peak Jun-25-2003

Glacier Peak Jun30 to Jul02, 2001

WTA Dishpan Gap Weeklong Workparty Aug24-Sep04, 1999


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